Natuleya bedankt sich ganz herzlich bei den großzügigen Spendern 
€ 5000,-
"Schools must be built!
At first teachers teach our kids, only then kids become adults,
And only then adults become part of the economy, then the economy pays the taxes,
then the taxes pay the state, and hopefully then the state pays the teachers again.
Schools must be built!"
Milan König
entrepreneur, Baufirma König
€ 2.000,-
"To support sustainable projects is one of our main objectives."
Christine Steinwider
Verein OeKB 
€ 2000,-
What a small contribution compared to the gigantic enterprise of building a school in the middle of the desert.
Dietmar Csar
entrepreneur, Bellagio GmbH
€ 1.200,-
"The extremly high individual engagement of the Natuleya - Team makes me feel like directly being part of the projects."
Mag. Angelika Zankl
entrepreneur, gastronome, Library Cafe Vienna
"There is no such thing as "positive foresight" without an investment in education."

Thomas Krischke
Real estate expert, Vienna
€ 800,-
"Try to aquire a high level of education and keep and retain cultural identity."

Dr. Katharina Moser
Galerie Loft8
€ 2.000,-
"Changes can only be achieved by starting to accept our evident responsibility."
Christian Koppensteiner MSc., B.A., MRICS
CBRE Global Investors
€ 3.682,61,-
"Together for a good cause!"

Felix Grundschober, Sabrine Forster & friends
Aktion "Cumberspritzer 2018"
"Help people to help themselves, that's what I call sustainability."

Mag. Monika Schermann
entrepreneur, Schermann Coaching, Beratung, Training
€ 1.200,-
"Good to know that the donations are used 100% for the projects."
Mag. Alexander Rindler
entrepreneur, Rindler GmbH 
"Be our next donor on the list!"

John Doe
Natuleya supporter
€ 500,-
"Constant dripping wears away the stone."
Wolfgang Fabich
entrepreneur, gastronome, Debakel Vienna
"We should collectively take up responsibility to bridge the gap."

Ing. Renè Wollinger
Windstärke 7 ZT-GmbH